Abstract submission will open 2nd January 2019


(e.g. medical conditions that affect the voice, laryngeal impairments and lesions, assessment and treatment of functional, organic and neurological voice disorders, phono-surgery, head and neck cancer, management and outcome, clinical practice of phoniatrics, advances in laryngeal visualization and assessment)

Voice Pedagogy
(e. g. singing, theatrical voice, rhetorics and oral presentation, singing styles, choral singing, child voice pedagogy, singing exercises and their function, perspectives on voice teaching techniques, historical and contemporary issues of voice pedagogy and performing, vocal coaching, instructions and feedback, vocal warm-up, vocal tract configuration, articulatory settings and timbre, vocal range and registers)

Voice Therapy
(e. g. assessment and intervention of dysphonia, measuring treatment outcome and effects, voice disorders and quality of life, perceptual evaluation, voice therapy approaches, clinical practice of speech pathology, behavioral learning and habit change, voice therapy for functional, organic and neurological voice disorders transgender voice, EILO and paradoxical vocal fold motion, tracheoesophageal voice, voice therapy for children)

Basic Science
(e. g. imaging and assessment, phonetics, acoustic analyses, voice range profile, perturbation measurements, occupational voice and vocal load, voice and emotions, cognitive and psychological aspects of voice, physiological measures, electroglottography, inverse filtering, synthesis, modelling, bioacoustics)